Throughout the year I am presented with situations of adversity, dire poverty, misfortune and neediness.  There are families who are faced daily with the difficult choice of buying food or having heat, going to the doctor or buying a blanket to keep out the cold.  When I meet the widow, the innocent young children, the physically challenged individual – my heart goes out to them.  It is painful to hear about abusive and broken homes and the boy who doesn’t have socks to wear; the elderly ill person who doesn’t have money for his lifesaving  medications and the little girl whose parents can’t afford to buy a pair of eyeglasses.  I simply cannot turn them away.  I pray each day for the resources and finances to be able to help them. 

I have established a special Charity Fund, that I personally administer, and which monies I distribute directly into the hands of those who are most in need.

I humbly beseech all of our friends who feel the pain of our brethren and wish to take part in the great mitzvah of providing these families, children, and individuals with chizuk in their time of need.

If you would like any special tefillos to be offered for a shidduch, shalom bayis, parnassah, or a refuah, please include the person’s name and the mother’s name. 

In the zechus of your contribution, may you merit blessing and success, good health, nachas, happiness and prosperity.


Please send your contribution to Khal Bnei Yitzchok Fund, c/o Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser, 1336 E. 21 Street, Brooklyn, NY  11210.